C9 team has the experience, the resources, and the tools to unleash value from your cloud investments

We are a next Generation Full Service Cloud Value Added Service Provider (CVASP)


C9 enables our clients to adopt, build, migrate, manage, secure, monitor and optimize their cloud efforts at any point in the cloud lifecycle journey.

Headquartered in Long Island, New York, C9 also maintains offices in Seattle, Phoenix and Silicon Valley.

Founded in 2012 as a consulting business, C9 has expanded and now provides comprehensive, end-to-end cloud support for private, public, and hybrid cloud models including AWS, Azure, Google, and Century Link.

 The experienced management, sales and engineering team at C9 focuses on helping clients leverage emerging technology to achieve their cloud efforts. And C9’s vast partner ecosystem, comprised of 70+ partners, brings high-level options and top value to clients around the globe.

Our Vision


Personalizing the value of the cloud for your business

What We Value

Our values are foundations to all our work


We believe in achieving goals with ethics and honor. We stand behind our work. We take pride in providing cloud services with the highest principles.


We believe in being open and honest. When clients turn to us with questions, we reply with trustworthy answers. Plain and simple.

Mutual respect

We believe the best partnerships work reciprocally. Our clients bring outstanding goals; we supply skilled expertise. Collectively, we achieve great things.


We believe in keeping our clients informed. As projects proceed, we provide regular updates. What’s more, we welcome inquiries at any time.


We believe in following through. When we agree to do something, we deliver. Our clients can depend on us.


We believe delivering real value to our clients. We measure our success on our client’s measure of value.

Why C9?

What Makes Us Unique

Purely Cloud Focused

The C9 team brings best-in-class leadership to every aspect of the cloud. From perspectives on provider options to suggestions on revenue savings, we bring you the best of the best. We specialize in staying current on the evolving cloudscape. As technology changes, we monitor and analyze the trends. Yes, our experts really do have their heads in the cloud. C9 is a one stop shop for all your Cloud initiatives providing consulting, staffing, managed services, tools and technologies for all the phases of the Cloud Lifecycle.

“Trust Advisor”

Have experience providing “Trusted Advisor Services” to our customer for 5+ years and successfully guide them though all the various options, scenarios available to them for phases of the Cloud Lifecycle. Influence change management, provide leadership, and guidance to ‘C -level’ executives to enhance and speed up their ability to adopt to the ever evolving Cloud Paradigm.

End-to-end solutions

We don’t just sell a single cloud service; we offer customized strategies and plans for client cloud efforts. Does your business need a comprehensive cloud strategy? No problem—we’ll design it. Have DevOps needs, or want to optimize a cloud service you currently use? Our experienced team will make it happen. Need to know how your business stacks up on governance and cloud security? We test, analyze, report, and give personalized recommendations.

Broad partner base

Our diverse ecosystem of 70+ partners and service providers deliver excellent services to our clients. Our cloud experts continually research and study partner offerings and options. That helps save your time and dime. We recommend the best platforms, tools and technologies to help meet your unique goals. What’s more, our team can implement many strategies directly. In today’s market, that’s a competitive edge. CLICK HERE to find out more about our valued partners.

Support all Cloud deployment models and partner with all major public Cloud providers

Support all three deployment models (Private, Public and Hybrid) and partner with all three major public Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and GPC).

Managed Service Provider

Provide managed services in the following area:
 DevOps as a Service (Build/Migrate and Automate)
 IT operations using C9CloudOps – our very own tool.
 Continuous Optimization as Service (Optimize and Govern)
 Security as a Services (Secure)