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The C9 Cloud Lifecycle

C9 Core Services

Services available across all the phases of the Cloud Lifecycle

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Consulting and Advisory Services

C9 offers consulting and advisory services across all the phases of the Cloud. C9 carries out assessments to better understand the client’s business and technical short and long term goals and objectives. C9 uses industry best practices, and C9 industry experience to design and build custom solutions based on the findings. C9 goal is to become “Trusted Advisory” to our clients.

Build and Migration Services

Whether you are building a Private/Hybrid Cloud or adopting the Public Cloud C9 has the expertise to strategize, plan, implement and choose the right tool that suit our clients custom needs. C9 has team of over 700+ engineer (onshore and offshore) to support our clients build and migration needs. C9 enhance its services it provides to its clients by partnering with organizations that are best of breed in a particular vertical. C9 goal is to provide the best of breed services and solutions to our clients when comes to building and/or migrating their current services/applications/workloads.

Application Development Services

The Cloud is a complete paradigm shift. Most current applications and workloads as they are architected and implemented cannot be moved to the Cloud as is. Applications and workloads have to re-architected and/or modified for them to become good Cloud tenants. C9 has team of over 700+ engineer (onshore and offshore) that can help re-architect, modify and develop applications (including mobile apps) specially tailored for the Cloud.

CloudOps Managed Services

C9 provides unified IT operations management to manage the hybrid IT environments (private, AWS, AZURE platform) from a single pane of glass. It leverage the Vistara platform to provide a SaaS or a complete outsourced managed solution that meets the client needs.

Cloud Optimization Services

The Cloud is an Opex model, pay-as-you-use. In this model clients are billed by the hour and for everything that is provisioned hence you cannot optimize once and forget, therefore the Cloud environment has to be “Continuously Optimized”. Three things that matter the most especially when clients are trying manage Cloud costs are:

  • Right sizing of the infrastructure (Instances)
  • Re-architect and modify applications to be better tenants of the Cloud
  • Scaling in and out based on usage, performance and traffic patterns

C9 has the expertise and the tools to help our clients to “Continuously Optimize” their Cloud environments. C9 can help in two way:

  • Implement the “Continuously Optimization” process and train client resources to manage and maintain the process
  • Implement the “Continuously Optimization” process and take over the management and maintenance of the process

DevOps as a Service

C9 offers the following services under DevOps as a Service:

  • Tightly align development, QA, and operations teams on agile DevOps processes including collaboration, continuous integration, source code management, change management, continuous delivery, and production support processes
  • Optimize implementations and deployments of open source technologies such as OpenStack, Cassandra, and Hadoop for web-scale IT applications in enterprise
  • Cloud Automation services to automate the process of provisioning, de-commissioning, triggering actions based on events etc.
  • Infrastructure-as-code
  • Continuous Integration process implementation

Managed Billing Services

There is always an overhead cost associated with the “Chargeback” process. C9’s managed billing services takes over the headache of the “Chargeback” process and the tools C9 uses also provide a vast array of analytics and reports to help reduce costs, create efficiencies and help improve security. C9 managed billing services helps navigate and understand public cloud billing model and we help our clients save money.

Security Services

C9 provides consulting services to do security posture assessments, auditing, and extend or enhance our client’s current security and governance polices for the Cloud. C9 provides managed services to do penetration testing, auditing and reporting for specific compliance requirements like PCI, HIPAA and SAS 70 for our clients.

Training Services

C9 provides training to our clients in the following areas:

  • OpenStack
  • Containerization and Kubernetes
  • Cloud Operations Platform – Vistara
  • Cloud Tools Training from 70+ partners
  • Agile, Scrum and Project Management

Cloud Procurement Services

C9 is a Cloud Value Added Service Provider and Reseller for 70+ Cloud tools and technologies. C9 offers SaaS, IaaS and PaaS solutions. Including orchestration, automation and IT Operations hybrid cloud management. From Public cloud to Private cloud C9 has partners to assist at any point in the technology stack or Cloud lifecycle.